Friday, September 08, 2006


Not even a pledge drive? Besides PBS, who would spend $40 mil on a TV show with no commercials? How about the Magic Kingdom, currently spreading Tinkerbell's legs for neocon influence.

As you've all mourned, Walt's old firm made a movie blaming 9/11 on the former preznit. ABC (the 'Diz) airs it two months before midterms, coordinating with W's speech the same night.

Hi ho, quid pro quo. The 'Diz gets consideration for copyright extension and maybe a say in the recomplexification of TiVo. Son of Flubber! It's a small, tribal, contemptible world after all. At least W enjoys the ears with medicated pride. Take him home, Jesus!

Yes, two fantasy brands wed and we all live crappier ever after. Or maybe it's more "Pirates of the Potomac". Goofy! Follow the money, or you walk the plank.

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