Sunday, November 19, 2006


W dodges the war in Vietnam by hiding out back home, and now he dodges the war back home by hiding out in Vietnam?

I guess the Hanoi Hilton has pretty lousy cable, because besides the usual photo ops with other deciders (evidently sponsored by "LaSenza Girl") America's most famous fortunate son actually attended an unofficial event. He spent fifteen whole minutes at the Joint P.O.W./M.I.A. Accounting Command, which searches for the remains of the 1,800 Americans still listed as missing in the Vietnam War. Er, make that 1,801.

There were few Vietnamese to be found in the kwanza hut, mostly just tables displaying pictures and recovered artifacts recovered by members of the command. He asked one of the recovery workers "where that M*A*S*H show was made" before being whisked away in the motorcade for a dinner engagement.

W and Putin go halvers
on an order of hu mein

W's security flak, Stephen J. Hadley, conceded that the president had not come into direct contact with ordinary Vietnamese, but said that they connected anyway.

“If you’d been part of the president’s motorcade as we’ve shuttled back and forth,” he said, reporters would have seen that “the president has been doing a lot of waving and getting a lot of waving and smiles.” As regal as a queen, I tells ya. As a QUEEN!

He continued: “I think he’s gotten a real sense of the warmth of the Vietnamese people and their willingness to put a very difficult period for both the United States and Vietnam behind them, and looks forward to similar trips to Baghdad in twenty or thirty years."

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Who is W gonna call? Dad.

Funny how Americans voted to remove Republicans last Tuesday, and by the end of the week James Baker is running US foreign policy. What ballot was that on?

Rumsfeld might have fallen on his sword, but he fell on it backwards. Gates, another Bush 1 spook, takes the wheel of the flaming Humvee and will try to remember if you turn into the skid or out of it.

Everybody thought Jeb was next in line, but it looks like George Sr. is getting a second term after all. Well, at least half a term.

What a headline: Wimpy bails out kid born with club head. If W goes down in history for anything, it's "Father of Muslim Enlightenment".