Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just in time for Mother's Day, a Florida plastic surgeon has published "My Beautiful Mommy", a self-help book for kids confused about Mom's new bazoongas.

With hundreds of thousands of women a year going under the knife, it's only fitting that their children (most of whom are the reasons behind the need for major nipping and tucking) receive some attention from the industry. After all, it's only a matter of time before the little dickens wake up and smell the imperfections themselves.

We here a Fleece Publishing applaud the effort and have immediately launched a series of publications to cash in... er... further this brave endeavor.

Of course, not all plastic surgeries are as successful as we are led to believe. What do the kids think when Mom comes home looking like a carp pressed under glass with a chest full of doorknobs?

Other grown ups in our children's lives may have their appearances altered by the wonders of modern medicine. How confused might they be when the gym teacher (who also teaches life skills) shows up with a new "package" courtesy of those helpful pop up ads and informative spam e-mails from Mexico?

After witnessing some less than stellar results first hand, junior might need a little help overcoming his unfounded night frights. Why discuss first hand your child's confused feelings of horror and inadequacy when a helpful publication written by the plastic surgery industry will easily suffice?

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Jason said...

Mr. Firth... WOW. That is brilliant! Is that original AG artwork? Wow! Love the kid in the red shirt.... "I feel funny inside..."